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Fall is in there air and apparently it makes me want to nest.  I have been finishing up projects and starting a few new ones the past week since the kids started school.  On a whim the other day I decided to paint the pantry which led to also painting the mudroom.  Don’t ask.  I don’t really know how these things happen either. Let’s look back at how our pantry looked a few days after moving in, that might explain why we have a screwdriver and a door handle with drinking glasses on the counter top.

Since last July, I’ve painted the walls (Gray Owl), painted the cabinets, painted the trim and hubby changed out the door.   There has been definite progress made in this house.

I’m really loving where this room is headed but the pantry was looking a little unorganized and vanilla.  No pop, no cuteness, just some shelving and a mish mash of stuff.

I cleared out the pantry, painted with some Gray Owl, ran out, bought some slightly darker colored paint, painted some more, painted the wood slats on the sides white and then sat back and admired my work.

  After admiring the pretty color, I decided that a stencil would make the pantry walls even lovelier.  I don’t hoard much but apparently I do hoard stencils as I had one from Hobby Lobby I that purchased last year sometime just laying around in the basement.   Not sure how many rooms I need to stencil before I qualify as a crazy stencil but this is my third. The hubby was a great help in getting my stencil started for me, I always struggle placing it on the wall the first time.  He’s much more precise and patient than I am so we make a good team.  With the boards for the shelving on the sides, it was extremely difficult to stencil the outer edges.  As you can see, they were looking a little rough.  I also was growing tired of stenciling and maybe wasn’t as careful lining up as I should have been towards the bottom where it’s a bit gappy, oops!

How to fix the corners?  My new plan was to draw a border around the edges and paint it in, so it looks like  frame.  Hubby to the rescue again, he knows how to use a straight edge if you know what I mean.  He drew a nice straight line so I had a guide for taping.

I taped the wall with my favoritest of all favorite tapes, Scotch Blue with Edge-Lock, and no they didn’t pay me to say that, they have no clue who I am, I just happen to love their tape.  This stuff is the bomb diggity people, it is magical.  I fell in love with it while painting stripes in the master bedroom closet.

All that’s left is for me to paint the  border and voila, it’s done!

Well ok smarties,  I had to then remove the tape and after that I was done.  No more rough edges in this house!

My hubby purchased two eight foot boards of melamine shelving from Menards for $12 each or $24 total.  He cut the two pieces to make four shelves that look beautiful and fit perfectly!  Look at that hottie hard at work in the pantry and what nice buns too.  He’s working so fast I can’t even catch a good photo of him without blurring.  That’s my man ladies, I’m one lucky girl!

Finally, the fun part!  I rearranged my pantry and my cupboards, it’s hard to know where to put things in the kitchen sometimes.  My baking supplies went back into the pantry, the canned goods moved out.  The kitchen makes more sense functionally now, hopefully I can remember where everything goes.  The details on storage and such are at the end of the post. Enjoy the pics!




  The large and small clear storage containers are from a mid-west grocery store from a few years ago and a few are from Shopko.  I made the labels for the containers using Avery clear shipping labels from Wal-Mart, a package was around $7.   The labels are not water proof so you must be very careful washing the containers or grabbing them with wet hands.  The white plastic baskets are Sterilite brand from Target and I can not find the large size ones in stores or online right now, it says they are sold out.  I hope they continue to carry this type which are more sturdy and square shaped than some other Sterilite containers I have seen in the stores.  These particular ones also stack which is a nice feature.  The medium and small ones are still sold at Target and also come in black, they are located in the storage section near the garbage cans.   FYI, I am on the lookout for some nice clear cereal containers that are cheap but sturdy, if you know of some that meet my ridiculous criteria, I’d love to know where I can purchase some. The wall color is Benjamin Moore Sea Haze and the stencil is found at Hobby Lobby, it’s the  Moroccan Wall Stencil.  Don’t forget to use a 40% off coupon if it’s not on sale.

A few days ago I posted a pic of my cabinets without the doors and the kitchen looked so pretty.


Well after redoing a pantry, working on a valance in the window above the sink, starting to install hardware on the cabinets and other general mayhem, here’s the reality of behind the camera in my kitchen the past few days.


I just can’t leave off with that last picture, so here’s my favorite pantry picture featuring Heidi Schnauzer.



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  1. says

    Ahhh! Be still my heart! It looks so so pretty, and so Clean and Organized! I love it! And you know what, I really like how you handled the edges..nice paint job around kind of framed it out-perfect! Thank you for sharing, amazing transformation, makes you want to just leave the door wide open I bet! :)

  2. says

    Omg!!! I love it!!! Can you stop being a show off? My kids have been in school over a month now and I still have nothing to show for it. Oops! I’m super jelly. :)

    xx. Patience

  3. Carlyn says

    It looks awesome. I’m curious. Where and how do you store your canned stuff. I have my pantry pretty organized, but I always struggle with keeping my canned goods organized.

  4. says

    The entire kitchen looks great but the pantry is awesome. I love an organized pantry but your stencil just sends this over the top. I also love the vintage crate that you used to store all your oils…brilliant. I have to say though, either we’re giant pigs or you must use another spot for holding dry goods ’cause our pantry is crammed to the rafters with juice boxes, snacks for lunches and thousands of beans and rice varieties:) Great job Ange!!!

  5. says

    I have pantry envy right now. I cannot get over what a huge difference the paint job and stencil did for your pantry. I love all of your containers as well. I am super impressed and totally motivated to do something similar.

  6. says

    Wowee!!! Ange you totally rocked this out! It looks incredible and my pantry has some serious envy right now! ;-) The stencil is just beautiful and seeing the pics of how far your house has come makes it all even more amazing. You are doing such a fantastic job transforming it and making it your own beautiful home!

  7. says

    Look at you little miss smartie and all your stencil border glory. Nice! I hated those funky edges when I did my stencil. Hmm, should I have covered mine up with the wood planks??? Kidding.
    Your pantry looks fabulous and I bet you will love it as you open it up every day to grab necessities.

  8. Jessica D says

    Love it! Where did you get your containers for the potatoes and onions? I’ve been looking for something like that but haven’t found it.

  9. says

    Well, alright MIss Prissy Pantry! I think I’m in love. I’ve been ignoring our pantry for too long now. You have certainly inspired me. Can’t wait to get to work!!! I especially love the adult beverage storage!

  10. says

    Visiting from Shannon’s pinning party. LOVE your pantry! So jealous! My pantry is like a black hole to nowhere. Too deep to be truly functional and too many plumbing pipes for more shelving. I am having serious pantry envy! Guess that’s what I get for falling in love with an old house and all its quirks. I’ll just live vicariously through you and your uber cool one. LOL! Now following. :)

  11. says

    Ange I love it!! I will be featuring it tonight at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I’ve Been Featured button. Thanks.

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