Black Interior Doors

The other day when I looked at my powder room door and so how gross, dirty and blah it looked, I grabbed my paint brush, some black ACE Cabinet, Door & Trim paint and decided I’d had enough. I already have a few black doors in our home, the french doors and also the insides of our exterior doors are black.





There are only two doors on the main floor besides the french doors so the pantry door now has black paint on it as well.  I’m not completely sold on the pantry door but it works for now and ties in the chalkboard backsplash.

I was a little worried the chalkboard wall might be too much black with the pantry door but I think it’s ok.

 Here you can see the black doors all tied together.  This is when I like my pantry door black, consistency, flow, oneness.

     This shot ties in the french doors from the dining room with the pantry and the powder room door.

Here’s when we first moved in just to give you an idea of how far the kitchen and also my photography skills have come in almost two years:

The bathroom door is perfect in the hall, I was worried it might be too dark but it works and makes the zebra walls look lovely.

Then while taking photos, I was bombed by my hubby on his way up to shower on his lunch break.  I told him it was going on the blog, him unshowered and in his glory, so here it is honey.

         Have I ever told you how much I love this view?  It makes me happy, every. single. time.    LOVE my chalkboard back splash!

      Let’s see a before just to remind us how far it’s come.  This is when we were first looking at the house, one of the only pictures I have from this view before I changed the trim and added our coat shelf.

Then we added white trim, the coat shelf and the white door for the powder room.

And here we are today, gray owl on the walls, painted cabinets and now a black powder room door.

So there you have it, a few hours on Sunday and I totally changed the look of my home for free!  Do you have black doors in your home?  Would you ever try it?

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    • wendy westberry says

      I absolutely LOVE your home! It is beautiful, black doors and ALL! I, too, am anticipating doing some black doors. I just might have to give it a go shortly! Thanks for posting some many wonderful pics. Oh, and the ZEBRA bathroom is to die for! My girls would have loved that growing up!

  1. ann williams says

    Looks really GOOD!!!! One question here…Is the zebra print in the bathroom wall paper or paint??? I cant imagine paint!!!

  2. says

    Ange, I love the total transformation. You have done a lot of work since moving in. I love the grey tones in the space. I have been drawn to this color recently. I have to repaint my kitchen wall – it is a green currently – and am considering a deeper grey. It will be a drastic change. Love the pops of turquoise.

  3. says

    Oh Ange your black doors look so SO so awesome!!! And you are inspiring me to finish a project I started long ago to finish mine. I haven’t done the pantry doors yet and also the slider in my kitchen out the deck. Especially after seeing yours, I think it will look so cool, I just can’t find the time or energy :) THANK YOU for lighting the fire under me again to get that done!

    Also, I ADORE your powder room with it’s black door, zebra wallpaper and blue towel! When I saw that on Facebook I thought it was an inspiration pic from a magazine!!

  4. says

    Angie, I think the black doors are absolutely fabulous. After this crazy week is over for us, i think I may tackle adding black doors to our home decor. The white does show off all the hard work of three little ones grubby hands. Thanks for inspiring me!

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