25 Things About Me

I thought it might be fun today to post 25 random things about me. Or maybe it will be rather boring and you’ll have a nice mid-afternoon nap. Either way, enjoy!!!

1. When I say my name, it feels like I’m talking about someone else. I don’t usually go by Angela. Although when I introduce myself to people and they ask what I prefer to be called, Ange, Angie or Angela, I don’t have a preference.

2. My sister-in-law is also named Angela. She has a brother named Christopher and a husband named Christopher. We like to confuse people in this family, especially nieces and nephews who have two Auntie Angie’s and two Uncle Chris’s. I won’t even tell you about the weirdness of two people named Audrey.

3. I’m left handed. I like being left handed. Three out of our four children are left handed.

4. I hate spiral notebooks because of being left handed and I like fine point pens because of left handedness.

5. I have one brother but always wished for a sister.

6. My favorite book is Gone with the Wind. I read it in one day during high school.

7. I’m a fast reader and that also lead to me being a fast talker when I was younger. I love to read and will stay up way past bedtime reading.

8. When I was young I wanted to be a Ballerina, Veterinarian and also an auto mechanic. The last one is kind of random but I really like the smell of the garage at the auto repair place.

9. I suck at math. In elementary school I had to go to a math class with the special ed students. I still suck at fractions, division and percentages.

10. I like to give my pets human names. My dogs are Heidi and Ruby, we also had a Lindsey and Bailey. Our cats have been Molly, Jake, Howard, Ginger & Milton. We are allergic to cats at our home so no more kitties for us. :(

11. My family took a trip to Washington DC for Spring Break when I was in the 5th grade. Our van was stolen from the hotel parking lot and we had to rent a van to drive home. I was traumatized, my jean purse with all my markers was in there. Seriously though, I’m guessing this probably contributed to my anxiety. Not the best family trip.

12. Our honeymoon was spent in the Pocono Mountains at a Ceasar’s Resort. It was a lot of fun but kind of cheesy with a heart shaped hot tub and mirrored ceiling.

13. Our family is trying to visit all 48 states before the kids graduate. So far we’ve done 13 states.

14. I had my tonsils removed when I was 4 years old. I remember watching Bob Ross painting on Public Television while I was in the hospital and eating banana and root beer popsicles.

15. I dream of moving, I think I have wanderlust. I am ok for about two years and then it starts in. We are fast approaching two years this June and I already have dreams of living in the Carolinas.

16. I lived in the same house my entire life until I was 18. This may contribute to #15.

17. I always wanted to live in a two story home growing up and that is still true today. I love two story homes, ranches seem so one dimensional to me.

18. I had an imaginary friend growing up named Stephanie.

19. My favorite foods are things with Buffalo Wing Sauce, Jalepenos and lemon. I didn’t like spicy food or lemon growing up but now I love it!

20. Mustard is my favorite condiment, ever! Mustard spread on white bread was my favorite snack when I was younger.

21. I ate my first grilled cheese when I was in high school.

22. I met my husband when I was just 16 years old and knew the day I met him that we were going to get married.

23. I have never been on an airplane that has left the ground and I don’t plan on doing so either.

24. I haven’t been in an elevator since our trip to Washington DC when I had a panic attack on our way up the FBI building. See #11.

25. I have a butterfly tattoo on my shoulder and once had my belly button pierced by our friends who had lidocaine and an iv needle or something, I didn’t watch but we did it in their basement.

There you go, some facts about me you may not have known. Anything surprise you? What’s one random fact about you?

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  1. ann williams says

    One random fact……both my daughters married men with the same name. His name is Josh Baker. So now when people ask who my oldest daughter married I say Josh Baker and when they ask who my youngest daughter married I say Josh Baker. Talking about weird looks they think that my daughters are freaks!!! LOL

  2. says

    Laughed out loud at #25. Don’t we all have something or have done something that is unexpected.

    So I’m a little bit weird about elevators too, but I will go on them. I guess you don’t stay at a really tall, high rise hotel or you have to lug lots of luggage up and down lots of stairs?

  3. says

    #25 totally surprises me…didn’t see that one coming! I had an imaginary friend too…unfortunately her name was Judy Yo-Yo Ball…don’t know what that says about me.

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